West Theater Storage.

Store your stuff in a heated Indoor facility.

About the West Theater

The West Theater was recently purchased by A & D Storage LLC from a bankruptcy proceeding and closed May 31 2012.

The last tennant was the movement Church which basically took over the entire building and finally moved out in 2010.

The building was in bad state of repair, the roof and walls leaked, there was no electric or heat, it needed lots of TLC. I purchased it with thoughts of using the basement for inside storage. The rennovation is now complete in October 2012 and while there is more to do, I need revenue now before I proceed any further.

Rent here and help restore this building

That's right, By renting with me, you will help restore this building. The money will be put to good use after expenses.

Give me a call or email me today. 330 825 3838